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Event booth spaces can vary in size. Most events allow for at least a 10′ x 10′ booth footprint. If electricity is required, please make sure to note it, as locations restrictions and an additional fee may apply. Multiple spaces that adjoin may be available for those that require more space.

Contact the BACC using the form on this site and place “Interested Sponsor” in the subject line of the email and the BACC will send you a sponsorship letter that details sponsorship opportunities. Currently the BACC is looking for sponsors for the “Hot Summer Nights” Car Cruise, Fall Festival, and Light-up Festival.

Booth spaces vary depending on the event. Most events have a limited number of booth spaces available. Booth spaces are available on a first come first serve basis to BACC members. Rates of booth spaces vary from event to event and are set by the event committee. If the booth spaces are not filled by BACC members, they maybe made available to outside businesses at a much higher rate. Booth spaces may be awarded to event sponsors (see How do I sponsor an event?). Use the contact form on this site to inquire about booth space at a specific BACC event.

Vendor Guidelines:

  • Chamber Members reserve first right to vendor slots at all Chamber sponsored events
  • Chamber Members will receive a reduced rate
  • All Non-Chamber members participating as vendors in Chamber sponsored events will pay a booth cost that is no less than half the cost of annual dues
  • If there is a grievance with a vendor participating in the event the issue will be brought before the board with all information concerning the grievance. The final decision will be decided by board vote.
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