Special Event Flyers

The BACC has many events that draw hundreds and in some cases thousands of people to town. Many members report having excellent sales on the day of the events.

However, the question has always been how to bring those people back at a later time. Many resources are spent to get the people here on the day of the event, so how could we capatilize even more.

The marketing committee has come up with a great idea on how to bring those customers back to town, with “Special Event Flyers”. The flyers are printed and distributed to local business at least one week before any upcoming event. The flyers have both the upcoming event information on it along with coupons for participating members. The coupons become valid after the day of the event.

To be listed on an S.E.F. sumbit the completed form below making sure to attach your artwork/logo to be included on the SEF and send in a check for $10 with SEF in the memo field and made out to the Beaver Area Chamber of Commerce. The $10 covers the production and design cost of the flyers. Spots on the SEF’s are available on a first come first serve basis to BACC members. If you would like a stack of SEF’s for your location, please make your block captain aware.